The Daydream Revolution

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In this 8-week course I'll teach you how to break your bigger-than-life dream into bite-sized pieces, move past even the biggest financial hurdles, overcome resistance, tackle your fears, and really make this thing happen. You can apply these strategies again and again to bring each of your dreams to life.

When you join The Daydream Revolution, you'll get:

- 8 weeks of guided, step-by-step lessons that will teach you to overcome resistance, tackle your fears, and drag your big dream into reality - all with a sense of joy and play

- lessons, video content, and worksheets to lead you through each of the 8 modules

- a step-by-step process for mapping out an action plan that will bring your dream to life and figuring out how to afford your goal, even in you aren't earning any extra income right now

- 4 audio interviews with badass babes who have made their big dreams come true without massive incomes or savings accounts. They're going to give you a peek behind the scenes to show you exactly how they hustled to raise the funds they needed to make it happen.

- a powerful, guided visualization that will help you stay motivated, focused on achieving your dream, and intuitively guided to what you need to do next in your action plan

- the motivation and productivity techniques that I use when working towards any big goal

- swipe copy for reaching out to the key people that can help you make this big dream happen

At the end of the course you'll:

- walk away with a detailed action plan that will lead you to achieve your dream one manageable step at a time

- know exactly how you're going to afford your dream - even if you aren't bringing in any extra income right now

- have the tools and strategies to keep going in the face of your fears and stay inspired when the going gets tough

- have new friends and accountability buddies who will keep cheering you on!

Topics covered in the course include:

- putting systems in place and developing habits that support you achieving your dreams with ease

- breaking your dream into small, manageable steps and creating a detailed action plan

- figuring out how to fund your dream, even if you don't have extra income coming in

- managing fear, overcoming resistance, and cultivating the confidence you need to keep going

- finding the help you need to make it work

- dealing with neasayers so that they don't drag you down

- staying motivated and productive while still having a life and taking care of yourself

We'll delve into other topics along the way but those are the major pieces we'll put together to transform you into an expert dream wrangler.

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